Thursday, September 17, 2009

Real Housewife of Atlanta's Nene Leakes LA Book Signing

I'd be willing to bet no matter the event once "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star, Nene Leakes, arrives the fun can truly begin. And begin it did recently in Los Angeles when Nene arrived at Leimert Park's Eso Won's book store to introduce her new book, "Never Make The Same Mistakes Twice: Lessons on Love and Life Learned The Hard Way."

The title is self explanatory. But this time the reality show diva and author shares experiences from her private life without all the cameras. It's definitely a page turner. From single motherhood, to becoming a stripper, to discovering the identity of her biological father later in life, to now reality show stardom, Nene bares a lot in her new book.

It is co-authored by Denene Millner, but don't get it twisted. Nene sets the record straight on WRITING her book and giving it her own voice. You can read a few pages of "Never Make The Same Mistakes Twice" by clicking this blue hyperlink.

Missed the book signing? Don't sweat it! Watch the video to see the fans, local celebs, and the press show Nene love as she arrives in true celebrity fashion. Hear too what inspired the book, her plans for life after "Real Housewives of Atlanta," and why she thinks so many fans of the show have chosen her as their favorite reality television diva.

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