Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Jeff Hodge: Comedy Traffic School

There's nothing funny about getting a ticket, right? Truly, all laughter ceases when you hear that signature theme song blaring behind you and see those pretty flashing lights in your rear view mirror. But despite the following DMV woes, you can still have the last laugh! All the way to Comedy Traffic School.

Part-time traffic school instructor and full time comedian, Jeff Hodge turns a long day in DMV "detention" into one extended stand up comedy routine, complete with educational signs and humorous driving techniques. Two years ago I literally laughed my asset off while serving "time" in detention for a minor driving infraction . And then when I returned to the hilarious class a second time, it was not as a student but as a videographer.

Roll this expertly shot (patting myself on the back) Comedy Traffic School footage!

See more of Jeff Hodge's comedy at, his official website.

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