Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Maia Campbell Video

I generally don't get bent out of shape over most of what I see on the internet. But today I saw something disturbing to say the least. So disturbing I was compelled to do something.

Most of us remember actress Maia Campbell, the beautiful young lady and daughter of famed author Bebe Moore Campbell, from LL Cool J's sitcom, "In The House" or maybe Tyrese's "Sweet Lady Video". Over the years, we've seen less of her do to mental illness and drug abuse. That's not Hollywood gossip, but a known truth.

Then today while browsing the my social pages I noticed Maia's name repeatedly being mentioned, especially on Twitter. There was a lot of talk about a new video of her on the net and it wasn't flattering. Having missed a previous episode from her life that appeared online in 2006, I wasn't ready for what I saw on YouTube.

Sitting in car, parked outside a home in what appeared to be South Central, was Maia Campbell portraying herself, a drugged out schizophrenic. But sadly it wasn't an act. It was what Maia had become now. And to further add to injury, her attentive audience of a few ignorant friends of a friend laughed and egged her on.

Just a day ago I watched a video of an alleged drug addict singing at a funeral on YouTube and honestly, I laughed a lot. But seeing Maia at this low moment wasn't funny to me. In fact, I was saddened, then angered. It seemed to me Maia had been set up by someone she knew for possibly financial gain through high internet traffic. And that's just wrong, damn wrong.

But so what, right? Who really gives a damn about a cracked out schizo actress? So what her mamma died of a brain tumor. People die every day and the world doesn't shed a tear. So why should I spare one moment to inquire about how to get the video pulled from YouTube and a few black gossip blogs?

Because simply it's the right thing to do. Period. True, you can't really help those that aren't willing to help themselves. But does that give us the right to exploit them when they are at their lowest for website traffic? Hell no! And we all know it. Even Maia asked during the taping for the camera to be turned off, but the camera kept rolling.

So I'd like to see Black Hollywood take a stand, especially those with legal clout. Whether her family, friends, or former co-stars it matters not. Somebody out there still has to care enough about Maia Campbell to see this video pulled from YouTube and blogs.

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