Monday, October 26, 2009

A Day In The Life Of A Tanjareen...Tanjareen Martin that is!

A tangerine is a cute little fruit with big flavor, typically a bright shade of orange in color. Actress Tanjareen--said the same way, but considerably larger than a handful and a lot more attractive--is big on flavor too, but ain't nothing small about her game in Hollywood. She acts, she models, she hikes (Lawd! Does she hike), she sky dives, she produces, gives back to the community, and the list goes on. The girl's got skills and definitely a spirit that's not to be defeated.

So me and the trusty Canon cam thought we'd hang out with her for a day. Call it a "Day In The Life Of A Tanjareen," if you will. We visited her home, then it was off to choose some high fashion designs at the boutique of celebrity stylists, Sterling Capricio. That's Cah-PREESH-shio for you phonetically challenged folks. Lol.

While there we did a mini fashion show then Capricio shared some insider tips on dressing Hollywood startlets which I'll post later. Then next, it was off to get some REAL exercise. You'll see what I mean in the video. I was definitely "gettin' it in" with Tanjareen and the other Valleywood Fit Girls Club members. And though I appeared to be in shape to them, that part of our day proved that I'm IN A SHAPE when it comes to exercise. Lawd! I need to renew my Bally's membership QUICK! Roll this beautiful Tanjareen footage!


PR said...

Tanjareen looks great!

Anonymous said...

Cute that little fashion show. I remember her from Girlfriends and Family Vacation. She got legs for days. Wish I had them like that.