Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Filmmaker Requests Injunction Against Chris Rock's "Good Hair"


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(HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 7, 2009) - - Filmmaker Regina Kimbell continued her quest for justice filing a request for injunction in federal court in downtown Los Angeles against Chris Rock’s “Good Hair,” scheduled for limited theatrical release on Friday, Oct. 9.

Yesterday, the evidence submitted included an email from Kimbell to Doug Miller, then Rock’s assistant and now “Good Hair” associate producer. In the email, Kimbell lets Miller know that she suspected they were making a copy of the film without her permission.

The court filing against Chris Rock, HBO, and the domestic and foreign theatrical distributors is requesting a halt in releasing the film this week and future release until a verdict is reached by jury trial.

On Monday, Kimbell filed a $5 million copyright infringement lawsuit. The basis for the lawsuit is “My Nappy ROOTS: A Journey Through Black Hair-itage” was allegedly copied by Chris Rock after he and his production team viewed the film in June 2007. After hearing the buzz about the film, Rock requested a private screening at Paramount Studios. Unaware that Rock had a deal to produce a black hair documentary for HBO, Kimbell agreed to let him see the film.

Kimbell’s idea for the movie began in 2002 when her daughter Brighton, then 16-years-old, wrote an essay, which served as the starting point conceptually of a five-minute film, mentored by her mother. As a result, over the years the award-winning film evolved from an essay, to a short film, and now a feature-length film.

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