Monday, November 30, 2009

Akira's Hip Hop Shop Director Explores LA's Black & Asian Community

I've often been asked if I've ever dated outside of my race. Weellll...technically...if you consider that these smitten "nice guys" invited me to a restaurant or theater under the guise of "friendship" then paid for the movie AND/OR the meal, then I'd have to say, "yes". And that's all I'm saying! The scandalous details of my love life shall remain unpublished until forever or until I receive a hefty sum from a Hollywood producer to tell it all in a highly anticipated film called, "Didn't Mean To Turn You On."

Love may not see color, but many of us are looking at life through more than rose colored lenses. In the short film, "Akira's Hip Hop Shop", a love of Hip Hop music and Japanese food, bring together an Asian man and African-American woman--an uncommon coupling depending on who you ask.

Set in Los Angeles, "Akira's Hip Hop Shop"introduces Akira (James Kyson Lee), a young Japanese record store owner, and Daphne (Emayatze E. Corinealdi), a pretty African-American woman that begins working there. One night when Daphne's boyfriend is a no-show, Akira fills in for the evening and keeps her company. Soon their discovery of similar cultural interests leads to a budding romance that of course gets tested by opinions and situations outside of their relationship.

I love a good romance and "Akira's Hip Hop Shop" provides that as well as a few laughs. In fact, I enjoyed it so much I contacted the director, Joseph Doughrity, for a little interview. The result was not only informative but fun as we explored an African-American and Japanese historic community along Crenshaw boulevard in Los Angeles. ROLL THE VIDEO!

"Akira's Hip Hop Shop"is available for download at Amazon's Video On Demand. Just click the hyperlink in this sentence and support director, Joseph Doughrity, a young independent filmmaker.

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