Monday, November 16, 2009

At The Heart of The Janet Jackson "Numbers Ones" Flash Mob, The Fans

We came, We saw, We CONQUERED! The Janet "Number Ones" Flash Mob literally took over The Grove and Universal City Walk Saturday. Forget shopping and dining at your favorite eatery, the main attraction was what I call, the "New Millennium Rhythm Nation" sans the military boots and black costuming. That's right! The Flash Mob truly served it up this past weekend--Three great performances, fit for a queen.

Of course, the special appearance by the Pop Queen herself, added to the excitement. High above the crowd, Miss Janet watched her loyal subjects uniformly stomp, clamp, shout, and freestyle, all in tribute to her newest album, "Number Ones," which drops TOMORROW, on November 17th.

Get the point? Good! Then buy or LEGALLY download!

So where was I in all the excitement? Where I usually am, behind my camera. Yes, I was planning to dance but I missed too many rehearsals. So as not to embarrass myself or get my
"Reggae Woman" card snatched, my talents were expressed behind-the-scenes. So roll with me as I hang with the Janet Flash Mob dancers and especially the Janet fans. Wassup Janatics!

And, yes, before you even ask that IS an earring with a key in my right ear. You know I had to represent the Old Skools! Let the videos play!

Video 1: The Flash Mob Experience With The Fans

Video 2: Aerial View of Miss Janet Enjoying The Performance Above The Crowd

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