Wednesday, November 25, 2009


If you don't like Sade's music or her band, Sweetback, and the beautiful music they create together as well as apart then don't even bother reading even further. Thanks for the boost in my web traffic, but this post ain't for you, so goodbye! 'Preciate Ya! Come back soon now, ya hear!

And for you young'ins that don't know who Sade is. She and especially her band, Sweetback, laid the foundation of Maxwell's, Indie Arie's, and Amel Larrieux's, mello- smooth, sexy sounds. Do some musical homework!

Now for you left that learned the hard way "Love is Stronger Than Pride", or have experienced "A Sweetest Taboo" so good as soon as they left your presence you called somebody, sang in "Paradise", or better yet found a devoted "Lovers Rock" then this announcement will make your day. SADE IS RETURNING! FEBRUARY 8, 2010!

As a fan, I almost should be mad. Sade been gone so damn long I don't even remember where my "Lovers Rock" album is....Nevermind, I do remember! So damn crack head in South Central LA is taken it straight to the head to my entire Sade collection right about now. But I'm not angry, not at all! Bull(cough)sh!

Was Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook even a thought when Sade had an album out last? Lord, the music industry has changed a thousand times since "Lover Rock!" That was almost a decade ago. Maaan! I still love that album! It's like a musical Jamaican meal with all my favorite flavors, textures, colors. Y'all know my weakness for things "island."

Not to mention I love Sade's musical approach to issues affecting the world--Racism, poverty, war, etc. She has a perspective and isn't afraid to share it profoundly in her music. However, that's pretty much the only way you'll get her opinions publicly because press interviews are as scarce as the food the woman in Somalia was seeking.

Anyhoo, judging by this pretty album cover it appears Sade may bring us a little Spanish flavor this time round. Truly, whatever kind of music it is, I'm anticipated it! But in the meantime here's a reminder of what we've been missing over the years. They're a few of my favs. And recently this first CLASSIC kept me grooving on aisle 5 in the grocery store like I was in a commercial for way too long.

Now this is one of the sexiest songs known to man or woman! Put this on and you don't have to say nuffin';-)

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