Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What I'm Thankful for: A Blogger Reflects

Wow! 2009 is almost black history for me. Where did the time go? I swear it seems like the year just began sometimes. But it didn't, so now it's time to slow down and take stock of how far I've come and what I'm thankful for--something I do often:

1. LIFE AND HEALTH. Pure and Simple. So many people didn't make it to see Thanksgiving 2009. I'm extremely grateful that I have. But not only that, I'm grateful for each and every blessing, seen and especially unseen. No I'm not living in the lap of luxury, but I've learned to be content with having my NEEDS taken care of. And those things that I WANT I've learned how to attract them as long as they are Divinely approved.

2. TRUE FRIENDSHIP. I get by with a little help my from my friends. Admittedly, I have an issue with asking for help when I need it. But when I have asked, special friends near and far, have stepped up to the plate. I'm not going to do a roll call, but those special folk know who they are and I'm blessed to have them in my life.

3. NEW TYRONE. If you follow this blog then you know, Tyrone plays a very special role in my life. Earlier this year he was stolen from me, but I was blessed with a tricked out replacement, complete with Final Cut Pro and some other toys. An internet freak under cover like myself has to have a reliable computer for business and pleasure. Tyrone is so good to me I had to name him.

4. A NEW ENVIRONMENT. There are times in life when you know you need to get out of your current surroundings, but you stay cause it's convenient. Living in Los Angeles or any big city, you constantly subject yourself to big city sounds and issues. It's great to have a spot that allows you to escape it and return when necessary.

5. A NEW CAREER PATH. I came to La La land seven years ago to hone my tv production skills on a larger scale. Truly, there's only so much you can do in NC. Who would've thunk that I would have stumbled upon a new career passion while pursuing the other--social media and social networking. It's great to discover that certain skills are transferable and that a new enjoyable career path has evolved.

This is hardly a complete listing. I'm grateful/thankful for so many things, but this is a good start. I pray everyone will have a blessed and safe Thanksgiving and will stop to realize everyday is a day of thanks.

Hold up! Before I roll credits on this post, I want to take a moment too say THANK YOU to my subscribers and frequent visitors. Your feedback is a blessing to this blog. Your comments and sharing of the content here and my YouTube channel is GREATLY appreciated. So I'm very thankful for you too!

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