Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Best of 2009: Hollywood As I Live & Work Looks Back

2009 will always hold some great blog memories. So I wanna take a moment and look back on my experiences on this eve of 2010. Listed below are my favorite blog moments, events, and most popular posts of 2009!

I really have no good excuse for not posting this when it occured. I kept meaning to but was distracted by other things and never completed the post. I know shame on me!

Anyway, in 2007, I interviewed Grammy winning artist and producer, Wyclef Jean exclusively for this blog backstage at his Yahoo music performance. The audio is down but the post is still up. See it HERE! Who would think two years later Wyclef and I would meet again at IHOP of all places!

Me and a few Wyclef Jean Twitter followers were invited by the Wyclef himself for a meet and greet in LA, right before the BET Awards. During that meeting Wyclef discussed with us how he planned to really connect with fans using social media and use the power of the internet to change the way music is marketed and promoted in the industry. Those willing to help him in his plan were named "Warriors." And from that initial meeting Wyclef Warriors was founded.

Joining Twitter and Facebook really brought Hollywood As I Live & Work before new eyes and new opinions in 2009. Here are the top 5 posts that had people talking:

1. Halleeee Berraaay, Halle Berry! New Crunk Song, New Dance?

2. Guest Blog: 7 Tips of Low Budget Filmmaking from Joyful Day Productions

3. Interview with Emmy Award winning actor, Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje aka Triple A about his role in G.I. Joe

4. Tribute to Michael Jackson in Liemert Park

5.Why Hollywood Won't Tell the Real Black Hair Care Story

I saw A LOT of movies this year and reviewed most. Here's a list of my top 5 films this year and links to what I had to say about them.

1. This Is It

2. Precious

3. Hangover

4. Angels & Demons

5. Princess & The Frog

Avatar definitely gets an honorable mention. Despite the criticisms, you gotta give it up to James Cameron for the visuals and special effects in this movie. Now on to the next category....

Videos...I produced a lot of them this year, 27 to be exact! Me, Canon, and Tyrone (that's my computer for you newbies) were really getting in 2009. Here are MY 6 favorites.

1. Michael Jackson Tribute in Liemert Park

2. Norwood Young's Birthday Party and Michael Jackson Tribute

3. Pole Dancing 101

4. Janet Flash Mob Performances and Janet's Special Appearance

5. He Say, She Say: Me and Jermaine Dupri Blog it Out! This one snuck by folks!

And here are the crowd favorites according to YouTube. See more of my vids on my YouTube Channel:

1. Real Housewife of Atlanta's NeNe Leakes on New Book and Hit Reality Show

2. Interview with Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje

3. Janet Number Ones Flash Mob Rehearsal

4. Interview with Adewale Part 2

5. Tyson Documentary LA Premiere

Maaaan! 2009 was a busy year! I suspect 2010 will be no different and I'm looking forward to every moment!

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