Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Are You Listening? Gospel Artists Unite Musically For Haiti

Nothing like a crisis brings people into some better understanding or sheer misunderstanding of God. The devastation in Haiti is a perfect example. How do those that seemingly have nothing still reach deep into their souls to sing praises to God? That's a lesson of the human spirit that transcends religion, many of us strive to wrap our minds around.

So Last Friday, as I watched several celebrity faces give their time and talent to "Help for Haiti", it struck me that many of the typical secular artists sang of angels, God, prayer, and other aspects of the spirit. Some even sang with gospel choirs which is an undeniable trait of the black church especially.

And that's when then question arose for me? Where were the gospel artists in this mega television broadcast effort? Seemed like every form of popular music was represented, so..?I know the real answer to the question and for the sake of not sounding like an anti-Hollywood establishment blogger, I'll keep it to myself. Not to mention, and more importantly, "Help for Haiti" raised nearly 60 million in donations. That's celebrity being put to good use right there!

So just where were those who sing about God for living? I thought, "surely, they had done something collectively and I had somehow missed the news." Well, ask and it shall be given! During a rare moment of tv channel browsing this past weekend, I was led to watch the music video below playing on the Gospel Music Channel (GMC). Honestly, I didn't even know the channel existed for us here on the west coast. I stopped surfing because I saw Kirk Franklin, then BeBe Winans--two of my favorite gospel artists.

Anyhoo, Kirk Franklin and his network of friends had obviously produced this great song called "Are You Listening?"according to during the Stellar Awards on the 17th of January. The video showcases their effort.

You can download it exclusively at now and on the 30th it will be available on iTunes, Wal-Mart, and other major retailers like Amazon. All proceeds go to organizations supporting Haiti. So spread the "good news" as the church folks say. Need a blessing, then be a blessing! Are YOU listening?

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