Thursday, February 25, 2010

Welcome To The Colored Section: My Black History Tribute

Out of ALL the videos I've actually produced and posted on my YouTube Channel, this one ranks the highest, over 9,000 hits. And it's also one of the most personal ones because it was born out of frustration. I couldn't find a Black history screensaver that I liked, so after several hours of searching I deciding to create my own. This video is a result of that effort.

It's gained a lot of comments and interesting responses over the years. One dear friend was moved to tears while watching it while others have requested to purchase copies to share with their kids. I don't own the imagery so I've never sold it but just the fact that people were willing to buy it spoke volumes to me. Some years ago, a teacher contacted me via YouTube request it for her high school's Black history program. And to date, people still complement it while others disrespect it. All of which speaks more to it's relevance than to my creativity.

The artist is national recording artist, Donnie. The song is from his first album, "Welcome To The Colored Section". It's a wonderful album of empowerment and enlightenment. Listen to clips of the song and others. Truly, it's a great album!

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jd_motownwest said...

Awesome video! Wish I had a guide to those I don't know!?