Sunday, March 28, 2010

LA Web Series Festival Honors Robert Townsend's "Diary Of A Single Mom"

It's usually nice to be the first to do something, especially when it comes to innovation and creativity. And Friday night I witnessed those things and more at the first ever LA Web Series Festival at Stage 52 Theater in Los Angeles.

Founded by web series producer and channel owner, Michael Ajakwe Jr., the festival ran from March 26th-28th and screened 48 web series across various genres including vlogs, documentary, comedy, horror, and sci-fi.

"We received close to a 100 submissions", said Ajakwe, but only 47 were chosen for the festival. And of those selected, more than one title in a category had the opportunity to receive special recognition.

Said Ajakwe, "We’re open to recognizing multiple stand-outs in a single category as opposed to being married to the convention that says you can only have one winner. Hell, you had to be really good just to get here. We want our creators to view each other as comrades rather than competitors."

So how is this festival different from The Webbies? Festival board member, Rich Halke, explained. "It's not about awards. It's about interacting with others doing what you're doing so you're not alone. You end up creating better content."

Friday's opening night event screened famed tv and film director Robert Townsend's webisode, "Diary of A Single Mom" for a packed house. Shot in Los Angeles, "Diary of A Single Mother" chronicles the life of Ocean Jackson (Monica Calhoun) as she struggles to raise three kids, manage building tenants, and tries to attend college. It also stars screen legends Billie Dee Williams and Richard Roundtree. Truly, it's one of the best things I've seen on the web in this format and well deserving of the festival's "Web Series of The Year" distinction. See its trailer below and watch the first two dynamic seasons exclusively on

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Denzel Hawke said...

I attended the event as was amazed by what I saw. There are some really great, talent, works being done for web series. People need to start paying attention.