Saturday, March 13, 2010

Our Family Wedding: Differences Attract

The bride's family will bring the goat, the groom's clan will supply the broom for jumping. Now add something borrowed, something blue, and something new and you've got a comedy worth walking down the theater aisle to see.

Fox Searchlight's "Our Family Wedding" is a humorous reminder that although love sees no color, the rest of us have perfect vision. Directed by "Brown Sugar's" Rick Famuyiwa, "Our Family Wedding" tells the wedding story of Lucia and Marcus (America Ferrera, Lance Gross respectively). Young and in love, when the couple springs the news of their engagement on their families responses vary, but nothing is as hilarious as those from grandparents and extended family.

But at the forefront of the humor is the ongoing culture clashes between the proud "papas", Brandon Boyd (Forest Whitaker) and Migue1 (Carlos Mencia). Having gotten off on the wrong foot, the two must work together to give their kids a wedding they can be proud of. And that's where Angela, Brandon's long time friend, Angela (Regina King), and Miguel's wife, Sonia (Diana-Maria Riva), come into the picture. The ladies try to keep the men's egos in check but neither are very successful and Sonia--as mother of the bride--forgets it's her daughter's special day, not her own.

Of course with so much drama around them, Lucia and Marcus, began to question their love for each other. Is their love strong enough to endure their family's criticism and racism? Family involvement is important to them, especially Lucia, but in the end Lucia and Marcus, have to stand up for themselves as individuals and as a young couple.

Overall "Our Family Wedding" is totally enjoyable. Director Famiyuwa does a great job of making fun of our cultural differences without turning characters into racial stereotypes. You'll definitely laugh and in the meantime see that in the end as people we're often more alike than we are different. If you've seen "Our Family Wedding", tell me what you think of the film.

If you're still planning to see it, take a moment to view these interviews with the director and cast members at the premiere.

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