Monday, April 26, 2010

Hill Harper's "The Conversation" LA Book Signing

There's a major problem, a breakdown in communication if you will, between African-American men and women...a lot of he say, she say, but who or what is really to blame? Societal changes, racism, misinformation, and misguided perceptions all play a role as we heard last week in Nightline's televised heated discussion on the issue. And providing sound insight and advice in the tv debate was "CSI:NY's" actor turned author, Hill Harper talking from his new book, "The Conversation."

But could all this talking about the issues between African American men and women be simply a Mars versus Venus comparison that all ethnic groups experience, or are we dealing with a major crisis within the black family traceable all the way back to the slave auction block? Must I take it that far? Yes! Because in order to get to the root of the problem we must first look at where we've come from and then see where we're going. In order to go forward, we must look back. Sankofa!

In his newest book, "The Conversation", Hill, the award-winning actor and best selling author, addresses the heart of the matter and provides a "road map" to possible solutions. I attended a recent book signing here in LA and was able to hear him explain what sparked this newest literary achievement and saw its potential impact on the growing debate.

My next post will feature more from Hill Harper from the event. In the meantime be sure to checkout all his books. Just click the book images to learn more.

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