Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nightline's "Why A Successful Black Woman Can't Find a Man"

After viewing "Nightline's" engaging discussion on "Why A Successful Black Woman Can't Find A Man" online, it reminded me of another vocal entertainer, Jill Scott, on the related subject of interracial dating. She's now writing for Essence and her article in the March issue of the mag sparked a lot of conversation too even before "Nightline." If you missed her interview on CNN, here's some of what you missed. Thoughts?

Now back to the subject of this post. Though I enjoyed the lively conversation on "Nightline," I really disliked the title, "Why A Success Black Woman Can't Find A Man". We FIND men all the time, it's just connecting with the RIGHT MAN at the perceived RIGHT TIME that's the problem. It also makes it appear we're desperate for men. Ladies, are we really or am I being too sensitive to how we are perceived in what's considered mainstream?

I work in this game of show so I understand the entertainment value of a strong title that connects with the targeted audience and is easy to remember. However, between scary statistics being thrown out at us every month plus addressing what others are saying in and out of our community about us in general, I'm about to have a complex! Not really, but hopefully you understand my growing angst. If you believed all you hear and see lately about us you might be led to think that black women are indeed at the very bottom of the desirable totem pole.

Basically, what I'm saying is based on the program's name, "Why A Successful Black Woman Can't Find a Man," was I to watch Nightline or a VH-1 reality show? A little bit of both I suppose. Controversy sells!

That said, with so much negativity surrounded black women in the news now where will the positivity come from? Inward, inside. Ladies, we'll have to continue to look inward 'cause outwardly right now there isn't a lot for us in the mainstream. But you knew that already, right?


Skinnamon Coast said...

The whole conversation is being framed in a way that disrespects black women and men. There are successful black women who understand substantive love and black men who want a black woman who is creating her own life and making room for him in it.

Los Angeles lofts said...

Did you ever stop and think that as a successful man it may be just as difficult to find a woman? said...

LA lofts yes I did think about how difficult it is for men. However, the Nightline show was about women so that's what the post was about.

LA Lofts said...

i think it has not so much to do with a black female thing.i just think its hard to find someone for anyone, black/white/male/female, to begin with. but she does make some valid point plus i dig her music. :-)