Friday, April 02, 2010

"Why Did I Get Married Too?": Tyler Perry Delves Deeper This Time Than The First

"It's a thin line between love and hate" sang the Persuaders and in Tyler Perry's new film, "Why Did I Get Married Too?" we see all too well just how such a beautiful thing can turn ugly then potentially become beautiful again.

Back from the first "Why Did I Get Married?" are Dianne and Terry, Sheila and Troy, Angela and Marcus, and Patricia and Gavin. This time their annual couples' retreat occurs in the tropical Bahamas. But trouble brews in paradise at the arrival of Mike, Sheila's ex. He's had enough of the "20" ( ex-girlfriend Trina) and wants the "80" back he had with Sheila.

And while everyone is having fun in the sunlight, Gavin and Patricia, the once ideal couple, are in a dark place in their relationship. Still grieving the loss of their child, the two can't seem to reach out to each other in their grief and decide to divorce.

Taken from the pages of Janet's own life and Terry McMillan too, what was thought to be an amicable divorce turns real nasty when unreasonable demands are made from the husband. So both Gavin and Patricia, now angry and resentful, set out to hurt each other in ways neither will be able to recover.

Add to their drama, the three other couples' issues. At first glance Terry and Diane have no issues, but look a little closer. Diane's got a secret that only "Victoria" could tell. Troy and Sheila are having money issues with a new house, new baby, but no new job for Troy. Marcus, this time, has a great new job as a sportscaster, but Angela can't cope with the attention it brings him and suspects he's cheating again.

Overall, "Why Did I Get Married Too?" definitely lives up to expectations. There's some laughter and plenty of drama to make you squirm in your seat. And yes, many will be surprised at the raw emotion Janet literally explodes on screen, but look too for great emotional scenes from Malik Yoba and Lamman Rucker too.

If there's one thing, well maybe two, I'll complain about the film, it's the overuse of Angela for comedy and how some scenes are cut together. In the first "Why Did I Get Married?", Angela's loud, sometimes drunken, "keeping it real" approach was fun to watch. But in "Married Too?" she's on blast for much of the movie and it's annoying making her character stereotypical and predictable.

Sometimes scenes have to be sacrificed for time. But to see one character in a really emotional scene with her husband and then see her again calmly in the next is a bit jarring. And there's a couple of other directing decisions I'd love to ask Tyler about, but for the most part I enjoyed "Why Did I Get Married Too?".

So is this one better than the first? Honestly, I like them both for different reasons, so you'll have to get to the theaters this weekend and see for yourself. LEAVE THE BOOTLEG ALONE and support a black business. Tyler Perry isn't merely a businessman, he IS the business, man! Support his growth as a filmmaker.

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