Thursday, May 27, 2010

Janet Jackson Reminds Us & American Idol Who's Bad!

I'm a keep this brief for one 'cause it's 3:16 am and two I've got to go to sleep! But before I go I wanna say something to one Janet Damita Jo Jackson concerning her "American Idol" performance tonight. In a word and I mean this is with the most up most respect, "YOU'S ONE BAD ASS BITCH!" At 44 you've got to know it and tonight you reminded the globe of not just WHO you are in the world of show biz, but what you can STILL deliver!

With all gossip blogs and regular press concerned with who the new Prince of Persia is in your life, the new hair do, and the over exaggerated attention to your weight gain, I want to thank you for shutting motherf..kers up for one glorious night and making the haters recognize! Throughout blogsphere, Twitter, Facebook, and even in traditional press come tomorrow morning, you'll be receiving praise, kudos, great reviews for a wonderful performance and making the end of this "American Idol" season memorable, even for those who don't watch the show!

So now on to Essence Music Festival! Laaawd! After tonight's performance people are gonna be pushing little old ladies out the way to get to your show opening night. LOL "Sorry, Mrs. Jane Pitman, the fountain's that way! Janet's on stage!"

UPDATE: Janet's "American Idol" performance is now available on Janet Jackson Medley (American Idol Performance). Download the high quality video and enjoy without the YouTube ads!

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