Monday, May 10, 2010

Legendary Singer, Actress, Activist Lena Horne Dies at 92

Lena Hornes needs no introduction. And for you youngsters who don't understand the significance of her life, please watch the videos showcasing her work, ageless beauty, and contribution to the world at large, not just entertainment. Her autiobiography, "Lena", though currently out of print is worth a read.

I read "Lena" in 2004 in preparation for working on ABC's Lena Horne project. The insights she shared about life, marriage, racism, and working in the entertainment field still hold true today. That book was obtained through the local library and I'm wishing now, like a lot of people, I owned it or could at least find my notes.

In the meantime, for those of us that remember many of her great performances take a moment and enjoy the videos. I love that YouTube has great vintage vids like the ones below!


The Tonight Show Part 1

The Tonight Show Part 2

Rest in peace along with soror, Dr. Dorothy Height. Thank you both for lending strong shoulders for us to stand. I imagine you two together just like the old days of the Civil Rights Movement, enjoying your time together, supporting one another as individuals, as black women, as well as for the cause of the collective. Because of your work, contributions, and public service, I too pledge Delta Sigma Theta, Inc. Yet, both of you belong to a larger legendary sorority of dynamic women who paved the way in politics, entertainment, sports, and any area a young woman desired to pursue. And for that...

We celebrate your courage
We celebrate your spirit
We celebrate your genius
We celebrate your loving kindness
We celebrate your faith in yourselves, and in us

We thank you for the dues you've paid
and the prayers you've prayed

We thank you for showing us how to fly by flying

We speak your names
We speak your names

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