Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sex And The City 2: Fun, Fashion, and Fabulous Men

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know the critics supposedly hate it! Well that's their opinion and just because someone pays them to share it doesn't mean they are always right! I've got an opinion too and I'm giving it freely, though if someone wants to pay me, holla at a blogger via email. I digress...! Pure and simple, "Sex And The City 2" is just a fun movie for the ladies and the boys that love to dress up like them.

That said, "Where my girls at?" Just like you did with "Waiting to Exhale" and the first "Sex And The City" gather your clique, roll out for dinner, a movie, and a few hours of escapism with Cary, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda. Don't forget your designer shoes and hand bag!

Undoubtedly, escapism is the word for the day in this girl-power flick! Whether it's work, family, or relationships these ladies check out of their stressful reality and check-in to an all expenses paid trip to luxurious Abu Dhabi. As we learn in the film, Dubai is now played and so "last year". Really? Let me get there and find out! I promise to send back some pictures! Rock the Casbah!

Opulent. That is the best way to describe the measure of wealth and extravagance Abu Dhabi provides. But despite the magic red carpet treatment the ladies receive, they find it a little difficult to adapt culturally in their new surroundings, especially Samantha. A public display of affection, actually lust, earns her jail time.

And for you die-hard fans, one of Carrie's ex-boyfriends from the tv series is added to her "must see" list while in Abu Dhabi. Should Big be worried? Yes! Sparks fly as the former love birds reminisce over dinner, catch up on personal lives, and get a little closer. Then in my head "Rock Me Tonight For Old Times Sake" begins playing as both currently-married individual plays with fire.

Speaking of fire, there's enough gorgeous men in "Sex In The City 2", to get you warm down under. From handsome prince of Persia servants, to muscle bound athletes playing in the pool, to sexy "Lawrence of Labia" Dutchmen playing in the sand dunes, this movie is pure female fantasy. And just in case my four (4) eyes missed something the first time, I'm going back!

But despite how much I enjoyed "Sex In The City 2" I couldn't help but feel as if it were a commercial for Abu Dhabi. At moments it really seemed like I was being offered a timeshare there. Were executive producers given a handsome sum from wealthy businessmen there to make the movie? It wouldn't surprise me at all since more and more filmmakers seek funds outside the US. Talk about product placement!

So on a scale of 1 to 5, I give it 4 veils and a pair of harem pants! I had fun watching this movie and by Monday I'm sure there will be millions that feel the same! So ladies, never mind the critics! Go get you some sex this weekend in the theater..."Sex In the City" that is! What you do while its playing on the big screen is none of my business!

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