Thursday, June 17, 2010

Can't Judge Blair Underwood's New Vook By It's Cover

No I did not misspell "book"! Thanks to the new digital age traditional books are now downloadable, portable through iPods, iPhones, iPads, and E-Book Readers. Well, add video to that "digital book", if you will, and now you have what actor, producer, and author Blair Underwood and his co-writers are offering to the world in the form of a "Vook".

So do you read it or watch it? Both!

Remember when I interviewed Blair and his partners, writers Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes, about thier series of books written specifically to turn into movies? "Casanegra" was the first, followed by "In the Night of the Heat". If you missed my interviews see them HERE! It is an interesting concept in creating not only great reading material but also potential films for Blair to director and star in as sexy Tennyson Hardwick.

Now fast forward about three years and the actor-producer/writing team is back with "From Cape Town With Love" set in South African. But here's the fun part for digital consumers explains Blair.

"When you read a Vook, you periodically come across an icon. You push play, and that video comes to life for a minute or two."

I find this menage-a-trois of my love of books, films, and technology FASCINATING, down right stimulating! To discover whether you do too visit this link: Mystery & Thrillers :: From Cape Town with Love - Vook: The Smart Book. You can also download it from the iTunes App Store

The trailers look like feature film action flicks! And look who's casted in this one, "Bernie Mac's", Kellita Smith! Here's a great scene between Blair and Kellita in "From Capetown With Love"!

For those of you not yet ready to give up your page turning ways don't fret! I gotchu! Amazon will help put some Blair Underwood AS Tennyson between your sheets...of paper that is!

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Barbara G said...

Great article! I saw Blair Underwood and Steven Barnes at a book signing when they were in Atlanta. Blair mentioned the Vook, which was intriguing, but I didn't think about it again until I saw your website. Without a doubt, I need to go get the Vook! What a great way to enhance a book. Thank you!