Sunday, July 18, 2010

From "The View" on HIV & African-Americans & to No Black Girls For Ochocinco

Look here! Black people are in the news! Nooo, not for anything to be overly proud about but because of WHO they are and WHAT they've been saying lately while the cameras are rolling. I've tried to be quiet, but thanks to several phone chats and emails about these instances, I'm going to weigh in on two of the recent headlines.

Let's start with "The View" and regular co-host, Sherri Shepherd and guest host, D.L. Hughley. They stated the epidemic rise of HIV cases amongst black women is due to the "down low" factor. Watch the clip from the show!

Now gay-rights group, GLAAD, and the Black AIDS Institute, are pissed and want "The View" to publicly apologize for allowing such misinformation to be said on air. Will it happen? Ummmm, maybe not! The show is called "THE VIEW" and what was said by the co-hosts, Hughley and Shephard, were their OPINIONS.

Sadly many will take what these two prominent black entertainers said as fact and not do the research. However, according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) SEX WITH MEN is the leading factor, but whether these men are gay or bi-sexual is still questionable. That said THE DOWN-LOW IS A FACTOR, BUT NOT THE ONLY FACTOR in the disproportionate numbers of HIV cases amongst Black women, aged 25-34. THE SECOND LEADING FACTOR according to the CDC is injection drug use.

That said, instead of asking a show themed on opinions to give apologies why not ask those who gave the misinformation originally to do so? Honestly, their thinking is representative of many in the black community. So go straight to the sources and ask Hughley and Shepherd to correct what they said either on the show or through some other meaningful public forum.

Ohhhh Ocho, he's pissed off the sistas, even Wendy Williams! But not this one 'cause honestly he's fallen right into the stereotypical profile of a professional black athlete. That includes not being so intelligent where this new "The Ultimate Catch" reality show is concerned. In fact, I would suggest re-titling it "The Ultimate Fumble."

Here's how Ocho dropped the ball! He's asked black women to support his tv show, but seemingly forgot black women are not well represented nor represented well on the show. Then in interviews says, "I'll deal with y'all" as if we'll always be around and will accept whatever crap he doing 'cause he's a baller! Sadly, that may be a true for a few, but the majority...not so much.

But here's the flip side. Why are we as black women complaining? Do we really need another reality show with us acting a fool over some man that doesn't want us to begin with and says so publicly? Hell-to-the-naw! On that thought, maybe Ocho did us a favor. O.k., that's a stretch but in reality (putting on my producer's hat) if the women Ocho chose from were mostly black women, the show would be on BET or TV-One, not VH-1. Remember this is the business of show, not cultural sensitivities nor responsibilities.

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Dee said...

Re: "Ochocinco"--> I do not watch these type of dating shows AT ALL, but I must say that I am EXTREMELY HAPPY that less black women are on it making fools of themselves! I ain't mad at all....