Friday, August 06, 2010

Ready or Not Here She Comes...Lauryn Hill Is Back Or Is She With "Repercussions"?

"Ready or not, here I come...gonna find you and make you want me!..."

Lauryn Hill
...the voice, the singer, the actress, the lyrical MC, the poet, the look...she seemingly had the entertainment world in the palm of her hand. Then right when her career was nearing its peak, the soulful Gemini child closed her palm and seemingly walked away from it all, all the entertainment world had to offer--the money, the glitz, the glamour, the fame. Why? My guess, to save her soul.

She's been gone a minute, (for you Hip-Hop slang challenged that means a long time!) almost as long as Sade, but ever now again she'd make an appearance. Remember the surprising Fugees reunion in "Dave Chappelle's Block Party"concert and then again in the opening of the 2005 BET Awards? After that she disappeared again. Actually, it was backstage of that particular BET Awards show where we met. Is there a story to tell from that meeting? Sure! Will I share it in this public forum? Nope! Truly, it's nothing bad nor terribly gossipy, just an interesting observation. Honestly, I think Talib Kweli's, Ms. Hill expresses it perfectly.

So after a few stops and false starts it appears Lauryn is back officially. A new release called "Repercussion" has the internet buzzing and there's vids of recent live performances. But first appearances can be deceptive. Is the soulful, songstress ready to be back in the spotlight, back in the grind of the entertainment machine? I sooo hope so, if only for a little while!

Lauryn was and I suspect still is "the truth" as an artist. She made you feel, made you think, made you rush to the VCR (then) to press record when she was performing.  She inspired me, had me thinking I could sing! Well, backgrounds at least LOL! She painted a picture where "Hip Hop meets scripture" in "Tell Him", a love song to God more than a man, from 1 Corinthians 13.  Yeah, people complained she was too preachy, but whose anticipating those haters' comebacks?

I want her to come back successfully if only to show these microwaved artists and label executives that "music is suppose to inspire, so how come we ain't getting no higher" and that "you can get the money, you can get the power, but keep your eyes on the final hour." So listen to "Repercussion", a title that probably has more meaning that we know, and tell me what you think.

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