Friday, August 27, 2010

Takers: You Gotta Take Some of the Bad With The Good

Rainforest Films has done it again with new bank heist flick, "Takers"! In fact, I foresee another box office hit because the anticipation of this baby has been high and now the wait is over! But just in case you lived under a cinematic rock for the last 10 years, Rainforst Films is the successful movie making home of Rob Hardy and Will Packer, the same dynamic duo that brought us "Stomp The Yard," "This Christmas," and "Obsessed".

The story like most heist movies centers around a group of men with individual talents that enables them to do very strategic and technical robberies. But one job goes bad, resulting in one member going to prison. After his release, he convinces them to do a major heist mere days after pulling off a successful one. Can he be trusted although he never snitched on them? Where do his loyalties really lie? That story point gets inquiring minds rolling.

But with all the good movie elements there are some bad! There's a few questionable edits a trained eye will pick up on and many elements of the story feel very deja vu. In fact, while watching it in the company of other film reviewers, the one thing agreed upon was that it felt and looked like "Set It Off" and "The Italian Job", which is literally referenced in the film.

That's a small negative when you look at the big picture--pun intended. Damn near every movie reminds you of one that came before it, especially these high end bank robbing flicks. Directors, screenwriters, producers are inspired by what they see their peers do, but the trick is to take that inspiration and make it your own. Unfortunately, "Takers" lacks those unique elements so you feel as if you've seen this movie before.

So should that stop from you seeing "Takers" IN THE THEATERS STARTING TODAY? Hell to the naw! Form your own opinion! I want errbody and dey cousin--some of you got hundreds of them--to support this film NOT because it's marketed as a black film--technically not all the leads are black and the director is white--but because it's a great example of what black Hollywood can do when it pulls its resources TOGETHER! Brothers are working it out in front of and behind the camera! And overall, it's not a bad film. I'm all about supporting a good effort so people can make better films.

The talented eye candy on camera is enough to draw audiences to the theaters. Idris Elba, Michael Eley, T.I., Chris Brown, that's more than enough hotness to melt your butter. Even the white guys, Hayden Christensen and Paul Walker get hormones flowing. And to all the guys including Matt Dillon and Jay Hernandez, who portray the cops, they offer more than just good looks, they deliver strong performances! T.I. and Chris are especially coming into their own as actors.

Behind the scenes "Takers" is the brain child of veteran actor Gabriel Casseus. He's a familiar face in television and films from way back including "New Jersey Drive", "Get On The Bus," "CSI" and "24". "Takers" is his first screenplay. He co-wrote it with Peter Allen, Avery Duff, and the film's director, John Luessenhop ("Lockdown"). Casseus is also co-executive producer along with Chris Brown, Morris Chestnutt, and Glenn Gainor.

That said, ain't nothing sexier than a group of intelligent, good looking men getting things done! And in "Takers" that sexiness rolls off the screen and makes popcorn and a Slurpee taste even better! Well mine at least!

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Dee said...

This was an AWESOME review! Thanks for your honest and constructive criticism. I WILL be checking this film out today!