Thursday, September 16, 2010

For Colored Girls Trailer...A Message to the Brothers!

Call your "girls", load up your sorors, pick up mom and your sisters, get your daughters, make reservations for dinner either before or after the movie, and be sure to get to the theater EARLY. In fact, buy your tickets IN ADVANCE!

Brothas that doesn't mean you don't need to be present! With all that emotional estrogen flowing over the popcorn and Twizzlers, we'll need your good testerone to balance out the evening. Don't be scurrred! This film is NOT about bashing you as it may seem, it's about enlightening us to our own issues, fears, baggage, needs, etc. And just as much as you may appear to be part of the problem in many films of this genre, off screen you can be a part of the solution. So show up, November 5th! Support the men behind and in front of the camera...Tyler, Michael Ealy, Omari Hardwick, Hill Harper, Khalil Kain, Richard Lawson.

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