Friday, September 10, 2010

Verizon MTV Video Music Award's Pre-Party

It's been a minute since I've done a party review...a real long time, so here goes!

Verizon's MTV Video Music Awards Pre-Party last night at celebrity hangout Playhouse Hollywood was a good mix of the good and the bad, mostly good! Is there video? No, why? To protect the innocent and not so innocent! But trust once the morning hangover is gone, there will be plenty of videos popping up on YouTube.

Playhouse Hollywood for those that don't know is in the heart of club zone on Hollywood Blvd. Lines to get in are generally long and if you ain't on the list either be very patient or find another party destination. But we are on the list and our wait time is minimal. Thank you party gods!

The liquor's flowing, the house DJ's got my head bobbing, and the professional dancers are showcasing their flexibility above the bar and the stage. Men and women are mesmerized and so are we for a minute. These chicks got plenty of gymnastic tricks, but lack that one necessary essential to bring the boys to the yard...BOOTY! I got that so my momentary hateration dissapates.

Within about an hour of our arrival the place is packed and once pop singer, Sean Kingston, hits stage there's a rush to an already crowded dance floor. Admittedly, I'm knowledgeable of who is but his music, not so much. I'm instantly reminded though once "Beautiful Girls" is performed. The crowd of mostly wiggling blondes and brunettes squeal in drunken delight and sing along.

Three drinks in and your typical Hollywood party crowd is OPEN and ready for anything. Unfortunately, there's not much room to do it. Playhouse Hollywood is a fire marshall's professional wet dream! I'm having some issues with pushy drunks constantly elbowing, bumping, and swinging their hair in my face, plus people are smoking inside the club. Thank God! We were invited into a more comfortable VIP area.

When the producer, the rapper, the unofficial mayor of ATL, Jermaine Dupri, hits stage the real party is on! He's having fun multi-tasking DJing, posing for pics, dancing, sipping on beer, greeting friends on stage, hyping the crowd, and never misses a music beat! He drops "Teach Me How To Dougie" and at last a sista is having fun! I've got room to move and I'm literally dancing momentarily with the legendary Chi-town legend, George Daniels. Talk about old skool swagger! I see you Mr. Daniels!

Once Lil Jon joins Jermaine, the Patron starts flowing literally from unexpected places. Chicks standing below the stage open their mouths like hungry baby birds and wait for Jon to pour. Some even kiss each other for the taste then continue their usual bump and grind! Yep, I'm in Hollywood cause you know that scene ain't common at Inglewood's Savoy!

In VIP some are sipping on that Gin and juice with their mind on their money as Jermaine plays old skool gangster rap by Eazy-E, Snoop, and Nate-Dogg. The mostly white crowd I imagine from the OC, LA, Beverly Hills, the Valley, and Europe put their W's in the air like they lived in South Central LA all their lives. I'm laughing and dancing knowing most won't even consider venturing south of Wilshire for anything except maybe some weed.

By 2:30 am, I call it a night! The party is still going strong with Lil Jon and the house DJ. My sexy new boots are officially broke in, but my feet are paying the cost as I head to the parking area behind the club. It was a good night! It started out uncomfortably, but overall it was good night partying in Hollywood. The MTV VMA weekend festivities have officially begun! Read my Twitter stream, @hollywoodlvwork, for other details from the party.

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