Sunday, October 10, 2010

Essence Atkins, Lamman Rucker: Sex On Set of New Movie, N-Secure

Given the choice to blog about doing a love scene with Lamman Rucker or actually doing a love scene with the gorgeous actor, which do you think I'd choose? High five to you that chose the latter, I know I'm not alone!

Unfortunately, the chance to do such a scene has not presented itself yet, so here I sit with Tyrone, my beloved Mac daddy, blogging instead. Good thing, Tyrone's not the jealous type.

But instead of hating on actresses that have had the opportunity to make out with my favorite sexy male actors like Lamman, I live vicariously through them. Once such moment occurred recently while interviewing Essence Atkins and Lamman, cast members of the new film, "N-Secure", which hits theaters October 15th.

I asked the two veteran actors about hot sex--on screen that is. Lights! Camera! Action! In most cases no one's screaming "I'm sorry Mrs. Jackson" off screen, but you'd never know it by what we see on screen. Listen to Lamman and Essence explain sex on set of "N-Secure".

Sidenote: Yes, I did find out how good Lamman smells. How? Well, let me just say it's one of the perks of being a resourceful entertainment blogger:-) *wink*. Just visit the Hollywood As I Live & Work Facebook Fan Page to see how.

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