Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Colored Girls NY Premiere

This was a HUGE event! A Beautiful moment in time celebrating black women, not just as women but as artists. The coverage below is not mine, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it anyway. I've added both the NY Post and the YBF videos so that you'll get a better sense of who was there on the red carpet. They are the first media outlets to post their coverage on YouTube.

Now if you're asking why I wasn't there to participate in such a wonderful event, well...it came down to a battle between "wants" and "needs" and "needs" won in the final round. Huge thanks Red Sea for the invite to cover! But judging by some of the questions and comments these young reporters asked, yeah maybe "wants" should've been given an extra round. But know that I tried to be represented there, but my NY connects are not as strong as I thought them to be. Holla at a fellow blogger, NY entertainment bloggers and videographers!

I mean really why ask a veteran of film, tv, and stage like Loretta Devine, "Do you think you'll continue acting?" WHAT THE HELL? Did that YBF reporter really think after a successful career in entertainment spanning longer than the reporter's been alive, Devine would switch up and become a rapper or something? I'm all for on the job training, but damn do some research! Not to mention, my audience isn't necessarily a YBF, nor NY Post audience so I'll stop there before I'm handing a glass of Haterade. LOL

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Anonymous said...

What happened to research, in-depth questioning, and critical thinking? Folks should do better. This ADHD mentality is going to be the death of us.