Friday, November 26, 2010

Halle Berry on "Frankie And Alice", Acting, & Producing

Ladies and gentlemen, reintroducing Halle Berry! That's right Halle is back with a new movie role! YAAAS! "Frankie And Alice", a dramatic story about a young woman suffering with multiple personality disorder. Interestingly, one of her personalities is a racist white woman. The film is set in the 70s and based on a true life story of a go-go dancer from Watts.

Recently, I attended the "A Conversation with Halle Berry" during the annual AFI Film Festival. Below is the audio from that event. Listen to Halle explain how "Frankie And Alice" came to be, her role as lead actress and producer, and working with Phylicia Rashad in the film.

"Frankie And Alice" hits theaters exclusively in Los Angeles, December 10th, and is already creating some Oscar buzz. Expect the film to open nationally in February 2011 says the film's official website.


Rhonda Marie said...

I am ready to see this movie! Thanks for the update and post.

Rhonda Marie said...
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@Rhonda This role is way different than anything we've seen Halle do before! And your second comment was removed ONLY cause it was a duplicate of the first.