Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Jumping The Broom! 4 Good Reasons To Support it!

Now that the W.E.B. Dubios and Booker T. Washington debate in black filmmaking is old news AGAIN, let's get together and feel alright! "Jumping The Broom" caters to both audiences, those with an elite celluloid palette for film noire--NO, THAT genre of films, the other black films--and those of you, like myself, that aren't afraid to laugh in public at some ghetto foolishness while often over intellectualizing why we as black audiences like what we do.

And ironically, the timing of the release of Salim Akil's "Jumping The Broom" couldn't be any better! Yes, it's a great movie for Mother's day, but considering the Tyler versus Spike discussion, this film proves that blue collar (sometimes deemed "ghetto") and white collar do exist together in one big, messy family and in one movie going audience.
Truly, regardless of the collar color, the flesh in it is still black, so all this heated debate is just divide and conquer. At the end of the day someone OUTSIDE the culture is making more money than any one black filmmaker as we fight amongst ourselves about his or her vision and direction. Marinate on that a minute, then continue reading.

We as black audiences can't continue CLAIMING we want better representation of our cultural experiences on the big screen, then not support them FINANCIALLY. Our ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN ANY WORDS on blogs, forums, tweets, and Facebook! And filmmakers like Salim Akil and Bishop T.D. Jakes are relying on our ACTIONS to make this type of film PROFITABLE in theaters so they can continue making them.

Here's 3 more reasons to see "Jumping the Broom":

1. The Cast! This film has a GREAT mix of our older favorites and newer talent. Romeo for instance is really coming into his own as a well rounded entertainer. And yes, that is a cougar you hearing purring as I type! *wink*

And anytime Angela Basset and Loretta Devine are together in a scene, don't you want to see it? Well, "Bernadette" and "Gloria" are together once more making movie scenes memorable again in "Jumping The Broom"! AND NOT TO BE OVERLOOKED is one my favorite tv sitcom scene stealers, VALERIE PETTIFORD! Man! They should've never canceled "Half & Half"! Y'all know the mamas kept us watching!

And I can't forget the handsome funny men! Mike Epps and DeRay Davis! They might bring light skin back to the big screen as successful comedic actors! And in this film they get to have range. These guys have been really honing their acting chops over the last couple of years, so when the laughter stops, they no longer have to exit the scene.

2. I'm a sucker for a good love story! But this film isn't a girly movie, it's family entertainment! And I especially like it when a good love story is combined with a good underlying plot involving family secrets. We all love a "Young & The Restless" twist and "Jumping The Broom" definitely provides that!

3. Overall, it's just a pretty movie! Sheer escapism visually! Pretty people, pretty sets and locations. Who doesn't like to look at pretty things? KUDOS to the director, SALIM AKIL, and screenwriters, ELIZABETH HUNTER and ARLENE GIBBS on giving audiences a good balance of all the elements that make films worth going to see.

Lastly, if you see it, let me know here on the blog what you thought about it. Yes, some of the filmmakers and actors I write about actually read the blog, something of which I was reminded of recently. Now, don't allow that to keep you from speaking your mind! Feedback is a good thing in this creative environment!


Reel Sista said...

I can't wait to see this movie. It looks like a great story and the cast is amazing. PS - I love, love, love Valerie Pettiford.

TRS Moderator said...

Excellent break down. I think this is on point. I can't wait to see it. Maybe after seeing it I will lose my phobia for marriage.

ellenoir1@aol.com said...

Thank you TRS Moderator! Don't fear marriage! In fact don't fear anything, just let love rule as Lenny Kravitz would say.

ellenoir1@aol.com said...

@Reel Sista Yes, Ms. Valerie is NOT one to sleep on! I'd love to see her do more stuff especially on stage. You can tell she's got that theater training and experience some actors never get.