Friday, June 10, 2011

The siSTARS & John Salley Dish on Soul Food, Vegans, & Black Hollywood

Hey readers! While tweeting this week, I was introduced to this new webcast by "The siSTARS" called the "Black Hollywood Weekly." It's co-hosted by a few women featured here on including Tanjareen Martin ("Chronicles of A Celibate Nympho", "Love For Sale") and Caryn Ward ("The Game"). The other hosts include Chrystee Pharris ("Scrubs","Passions") and homegirl (shoutout from NC!) Janori McDuffie ("Grey's Anatomy").

Me likey! Why? There's stimulating conversation and some REALLY good information and insights shared by first guest, NBA player turned vegan and wellness expert, John Salley. And second guest, Richard Ri'chard, LAWD forgive me but that handsome, intelligent young man makes cougars purr! I love too his thoughts on the role and responsibility of actors. Watch how he turns the interviewers into interviewees. That brotha is RESEARCHING!!! I digress...

No, the talk show format is nothing new, but I like hearing different and fresh perspectives on various topics, especially those impacting Black Hollywood. I also like how they've integrated social media into the mix with livestreaming. How long have I been preaching to Black industry folk to do more of that? Ummmm 4 years now! It's past time black and brown entertainers really began using these internet tools to grow their fan bases and promote shows like their white counterparts! Indeed, the show must go on and in right now it's playing more and more on the internet!

Not to mention, this topic of veganism and vegetarianism keeps popping up in my Hollywood and circles. I just saw "The Future of Food" three weeks ago on Hulu. Did you know you could patent seeds and a lot of what we eat is genetically modified? Think the Lord is trying to tell me something?

Whatever your tastes offline and off, I think this show has something to satisfy it or they may at least address it. All the ladies can be found actively tweeting and Facebook-ing so look them up on their social profiles. Follow, fan, and engage with them too and be sure to check out their show, "Black Hollywood Weekly" on the AfterBuzz TV Network on Ustream.


Donloe Entertainment Center said...

I'm actually thinking about becoming Vegan!!! said...

As John and Tanjareen explain it, it appears "going vegan" is more of a lifestyle not just about eating more veggies. Technically, I do agree with John concerning how what we eat impacting our immune systems. Which leads me to my theory about cow's milk. Would you feed YOUR breast milk to a cow? Every mammal has it's own milk to feed it's young. If you gotta electrocute it and do all that extra to digest it as a human, it probably wasn't meant for you to be drinking it to begin with.

Much success in your endeavor Donloe Ent.

Anonymous said...

I'm just now finding this article on us siSTARS. Thanks for the love, Ellenoir!