Friday, March 16, 2012

Impossibility: Make A Film Foundation's Tamika Lamison Inspires TEDx

This one's kinda personal...

One reason I began blogging was because what was once IMPOSSIBLE to me was made POSSIBLE and that story needed to be shared to inspire others. Going from watching the Oscars sitting on my blue couch in North Carolina to working on the red carpet and backstage of the Oscars in four months after relocating  seems like an impossibility to many. But "all things are possible..." as the pastors say and proof of it exists with Tamika Lamison, founder of MAKE A FILM FOUNDATION in her TEDx address.

Yes all things are possible! And that belief is what fuels those of us who've chosen to work in this fickle game of show. Actors continually subject themselves to rejection because it's possible one breakout role could turn their careers around. Filmmmakers continually give ideas on paper flesh because it's possible that work could win "Best Film" by some notable body of industry peers.  Even singers & musicians continue to create because it is indeed possible one song could become the Grammy Award winning or chart busting hit that could move them from mama's drafty garage to a comfy 5 bedroom house with a pool.

So I'm posting this INSPIRATIONAL TEDx speech to get YOU, reader, to continue believing in the impossible no matter what it looks like.  And FULL disclosure...Tamika Lamison, the woman addressing the TEDx audience is a someone I've worked with and gotten to know.  Just when I was about to give up on what I thought was possible for me, she hired me to edit a video for her organization, the MAKE A FILM FOUNDATION. That little gig helped motivate me to hold on just a while longer.

And in case you were wondering, she didn't ask me to blog about it. I was MOVED to do so. This is somewhat a personal blog so I share with you what moves me. Lately, I haven't been inspired by much on the entertainment front, but the message in Tamika's address is worth sharing, especially now with so many industry folk letting go of their passion for whatever pays the bills.

So take a few moments and really listen to Tamika's testimony because this is a TRUE "Hollywood As I Live & Work" example in that it shares how we TRULY live, work, and think here. What motivates most of us is indeed impossibility or said another way "I'm possible."  Thank you Tamika for sharing this great video!

Folks, please share YOUR comments below and be sure to spread this inspirational video amongst your circles on influence and make it viral.

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