Sunday, June 10, 2012

When Fans Attack: Sherri Shepherd, Laila Ali, Jill Scott & More Respond

Lately there have been some heavy weight fights with words between celebs and non-celebs on Twitter just as rousing as those on Pay-Per-View. This most recent match, however, needed no promoter. It all began with a simple tweet questioning the curious appearance of a female rapper by one talk show host.

Entering the ring was "The View" co-host, Sherri Shepherd. Her opponent, @DaCloneKiller and twitter fans of the once notorious K.I.M, aka Lil'Kim. How many rounds was the fight scheduled to go? Who knows, considering the amount of hits (tweets) shared between the two opponents. And the fight is still going on! Here's what started it all!

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to ruuuummmmmbuuullll?

Interesting round, but Shepherd, however, scored major points buy taking the fight offline and filing a police report. I bet the opponent didn't see that coming due to their lack of experience and ignorance in the celebrity ring.

Although Twitter is not quick to give up the identities of those that use the platform, it will not stand in the way of criminal investigations either. And what @DaCloneKiller and those other Lil' Kim fans don't understand is that what you say online can get you into serious trouble.

But that heated bout led to other related skirmishes of words on the network. Check these tweets below between WORLD CHAMPION BOXER, Laila Ali and someone dumb enough to threaten to come to HER house. WTF? Laila Ali is ONE WOMAN I wouldn't even want to LOOK at me wrong for fear of those pretty, yet deadly hands, coming into contact with my body. Yet, this fool thinks it's o.k. because he or she is on Twitter.

How dumb do you have to be to threaten a world boxing champion online or off? Or threaten anyone for that matter just because you don't like what they said about someone you don't even really know? It's real "gangsta" to the Pretty Boy below!

I'm going to say this cause I'm GROWN enough to back it up! This online disrespect, cyber bullying, and threatening people who say something YOU don't like is stupid! It's a sign there's something going on offline that needs investigation, therapy, or just old school discipline.

And these fans/stans need a life! There's a THIN LINE between being a fan and a potential threat to a celebrity or anybody these days. And telling the difference is getting harder in this digital age. So when threats come they are taken seriously. "I was joking" lame ass excuse is no defense, nor is youth. If you're old enough to make threats online, you're old enough to suffer the consequences of bad behavior.

Those Bieber stans that threatened and defaced Esperelda Spaulding's Wikipedia page because she won Best New Artist Award not Beiber; the Nicki Minaj fans that started some shit with Jill Scott because they didn't like her comment about Minaj's exorcism on stage; those Lil' Kim fans and all other disrespectful fans/stans need to understand THEY ARE F...NG UP THE WHOLE SOCIAL MEDIA ENVIRONMENT for themselves, celebs, and everyone that dares to participate in it. 

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So should the social network do something? Yes, when it comes to serious threats. Cry censorship if you want, but I would not let some ignorant ass people mess up the profitable environment I'd created for everyone to enjoy. So Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and others take some measures on your own or you'll become MySpace, better yet "empty space."

But should the celebrities say or do something when their stans/fans get out of hand? In my opinion, yes, depending on the severity, and especially if their stans/fans are mostly impressionable teenagers.

Generally speaking, celebs are NOT responsible for their fans' behavior just their own. And yeah, sometimes they too demonstrate bad behavior online, so I'm not letting them off the hook either! But most of them know the consequences of what they post. These kids seemingly don't.

So in the cases above and others, telling over zealous youngsters that disrespectful and criminal conduct in support of them isn't condoned could make a difference in some young minds. It's the celebrity name tied to the misconduct in headlines, not individual fans. And after too many mentions, it could negatively impact the "company name" and bottom line. ALL press is NOT good press!

We are in an age where threats are taken VERY seriously and they should be. Sherri Shepherd had a right to file a police report and I hope she carries out the situation to the fullest. Hopefully, that will teach these people, especially young people, a needed lesson that just because you're online, doesn't mean you can't be touched. Got a computer, a modem, and IP address? Trust, you can be found and possibly prosecuted if need be.

Readers share your thoughts on this issue.


Anonymous said...

I believe in putting down the magnifying glass and picking up the mirror. It is important to take the necessary actions when someone threatens you in any way, but it is also important not to engage in the drama and get sucked down into the negative energy of it, bathing in it and complaining about how awful it is. When each individual is focusing on being loving, accepting, compassionate and accountable, there's no room for any of this.

Hollywoodlvwork said...

Yes, I agree to a point! But people need to know and understand there are consequences to what you do online.

Freedom of speech is great to have, but somehow we must THINK more before we tweet and post on social profiles.

Sometimes only by magnifying a small problem can you stop it from becoming bigger.