Friday, September 07, 2012

Hollywood Pub, Wyllisa Bennett, Spills The Tea On DNC 2012

Charlotte, North Carolina, was the place to be this week. The queen city of the Tarheel state hosted the 2012 Democratic National Convention and some of Hollywood's notables left California Pizza Kitchen behind for Carolina BBQ. Check out this twitter pic from actress Eva Longoria with Alfre Woodard and Ashley Judd:

Another showbiz notable that left Hollywood and flew east was celebrity publicist, Wyllisa Bennett. Originally from Charlotte, NC, Wyllisa traveled back home to be a part of the celebratory Democratic National Convention. I say celebratory cause after Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton's powerful speeches, the crowd seemed ready to dance in the streets at the thought of another four years with Barak Obama as President of the United States.

And let me be clear IN WRITING. I'll be dancing right along with them when the time comes. I'm eager to run on and see what the end will be with President Obama and equally awesome wife, Michelle. I back to Ms. Wyllisa!

Wyllisa has been at the convention sharing her personal experience through social media all week and I've been living vicariously threw her. Now you can too cause I'm sharing some of her tweets and pics with you.

This homegirl was EVERYWHERE at the DNC reporting and documenting the haps--from food to events to meetings to the behind-the-scene media rooms. She did all that and still served as publicists for her clients there.

Check out this excerpt from her Facebook blog on the food at the DNC. Lawd, what I would give to have some good hushpuppies right now and hometown barbecue!

There’s probably not a living pig in a 25-mile radius of the Democratic National Convention. Why? Because North Carolina is one of the states famously known for it’s barbeque, and as a Tarheel native now living in Los Angeles, it’s by far my Number 1 menu item that I miss the most. And everywhere you go at the convention, they’re serving up some barbeque sandwiches with all the fixings!

Note in NC, BBQ is what we EAT at the COOKOUT, not what we DO as its commonly said here in La La land!

Anywaaaaay! Nevermind the semantics for now! Read Wyllisa's tweets below thanks to online tool, Storify! When I said she was EVERYWHERE there was to be at the DNC, her tweets and video bare the proof. Forget MTV Awards, the DNC is where the best parties were this week!

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