Saturday, November 17, 2012

Harriette Cole Brings Knits, Fashion, & Meditation in 108 Stitches Collection

Luxurious silk, soft leather, metallic wool, ostrich feathers, and mediation. I know what you're thinking, one of those words doesn't fit; but all are used to create Harriette Cole's new luxury collection of crocheted accessories, "108 Stitches."

Recently at a trunk show and sale here in LA, presented by Susan Cole Hill with the help of W.P. Miller Special Events,  I had the chance to adorn myself in a few items that some blindly may call scarves, but were really an eclectic blend of art, fashion, hobby, and spirituality.

Harriette Cole...Harriette Cole...why does that name sound familiar? Think, or better yet, Google the history of iconic magazines, Essence and Ebony, and you'll read that Cole made an indelible mark at both publications and others. Most recently, she's been lending her lifestyle savvy and advice to television's "The Today Show", BET, and "Racheal Ray."

So how does one literally turn a page and transition from media mogul to knitting as a business! Well, sometimes to go forward we look back at our original passions for direction. And that's what Cole did! For her, the art of crocheting is a childhood love renewed to create fabulous fashion accessories that not only feel great, but can also be quite useful in cooler temperatures.

While at the LA event, I got a chance to talk with Cole about her collection, the story behind it, and just how she made it possible to literally wear a meditation through art--the "108" represents more than just the number of stitches and has nothing to do baseball, but I'll let her explain in the video.

And among the shoppers and attendees of the trunk show, famed TV host, Tanika Ray, was there too! So I struck up a conversation with her about the 108 Stitches Collection and what she liked about it. That too is in the video below! What's not in the video is her love of artsy things including design,  but you can definitely see it expressed on her Pinterest boards!

After you WATCH the video and hopefully comment on what you see and hear, visit 108Stitches.BIZ to see more of Harriette Cole's crotchet collection.  And keep in mind that what you see there isn't merely knitted accessories, Cole's creations are works of ART that honor not just the body, but the spirit.  Here's the video:

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