Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Miki Turner: Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love

MIKI TURNER...a journalist, teacher, photographer, and proud Hampton University grad. Petite with a big smile, a sharp sense of humor, and often flowing natural locks, she's a woman of many talents and camera lenses. A familiar face on the entertainment press scene, she's also interviewed and/or photographed many of the biggest names in the showbiz game. And now the interviewer becomes the interviewee as she embarks on an exciting new endeavor promoting her new title as "author" of her new book, "Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love."

In a showbiz town famous for  its focus on outer beauty, Turner explores deeper to find what women from various walks of life have to come to learn and love about themselves. Through beautiful photography and shared insights she celebrates the gifts of age and experience with women for women.

Not that men or young girls won't enjoy "Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love," many will. But you get the sense that Turner is out to change the perception that older means lesser--less beauty, less vivrancy, less anything! In fact, the women featured in her collection haven't lost anything; they've gained a lot, especially a sense of self.   In this interview Turner further explains the meaning behind the title of the book and what inspired it. So watch this video!

What is now a great coffee table book and a catalyst of good conversation, "Journey To The Woman I've Come To Love" also includes images from actresses Halle Berry, Sanaa Latham, Laurel Holloman, Angelina Jolie, artist Synthia Saint James, and many more. There's 91 women featured in all. You can order it through Turner's website! Click

Enjoy my pics from the launch party:

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