Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Oscars 2013 Nominations Announcement! I'm THERE!

It's awards show time! In fact, people are already preparing for People's Choice Awards TONIGHT and the Golden Globes this weekend!  Speaking of being chosen, I've been asked to cover the Oscar Nominations Announcement tomorrow morning. So tonight I'll be preparing to wear my entertainment blogger/reporter hat, getting up with the worms for early birds, and heading into Beverly Hills.

The Oscar nominations announcement is almost as big of a deal as the show itself 'cause there's some actors, producers, and other industry folk waiting to exhale if their name is announced early Thursday morning.

The announcement is at 5:30 AM west coast time and will be made by Oscar show host, Seth MacFarlane, and actress Emma Stone ("The Help", "The Amazing Spider Man").  MacFarlane is the first Oscar show host since 1972 to actually make the announcement. Why now Academy, convenience or you just wanted to get more for you money? Good decision either way!

Seth MacFarlane, Emma Stone To Make Oscar Nom Announcement

MacFarlane, for you tv trivia buffs, is also the creator of popular TV show, "Family Guy," and co-creator of "The Cleveland Show." So I say expect a "fun" 85th Annual Academy Awards, February 24th.

Now back to that 5 AM time. Most industry folk, unless you work in news, don't normally get up that early unless they are already out and just coming in to rest to do whatever it was all over again.

Personally, I haven't gotten up that early for an industry gig since my PA days on "The Parkers" and working the production of 75th Annual Academy Awards myself back in 2003.  Wow time goes fast!

So y'all pray good things for me! LOL. My goal is to give you perspective, not just names of who's been announced.  THAT info you can get with a Google search and will be broadcast ALL DAY long!  Perspective as a member of the press is different and what I'll be sharing with you.

So follow @hollywoodlvwork on Twitter and like my Facebook fan page, cause I'm bout to flex my social media muscles, strategies, and talents to give you Hollywood as I live and work! Expect live tweeting, hashtags (#oscarnoms), photos on my Instagram account when allowed, and just a sharing of my experience.  But first watch my little video below.

Photo: (Oscar logo)
Photo: (announcers)

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