Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Olympus Has Fallen

It's been a LONG while since I've done a movie review. Ok, so here I go! Forgive me if I'm a little rusty!

"Training Day" director, Antoine Fuqua, helps bring to theaters this weekend an action-packed thriller complete with all the extras in "Olympus Has Fallen". There's more than plenty of explosions, guns, hand-to-hand combat, bullets flying, and of course a black President of the United States to boot! 

Wait! Before rumors get started, President Barak Obama IS NOT making his feature film debut! I said a black POTUS, not the black POTUS! In this case, the highest position in the land is assigned to the former "God" himself, Morgan Freeman, while the elected leader is detained under severe duress.

But that's not all! Another blog favorite, Angela Bassett, portrays the director of the Secret Service in the movie too. So yeah, we're running things in this fictitious White House. "Is that art imitating life?" You ask. Maybe! But that brings to mind another question. Was this the first time Freeman and Bassett performed together on the big screen? This inquiring movie mind wants to know?

Produced by both Fuqua and lead actor, Gerard Butler, "Olympus Has Fallen," centers around Butler's character, Mike Banning, an Secret Servicemen that guarded the president. Due to an unfortunate circumstance out of his control, Banning is demoted from his high security position to a boring desk job in another part of the White House. There his skills are painfully underutilized and he's itching to get back to his old job.

Then out of the blue, during what seemed to be a routine visit from a foreign dignitary, the White House aka "Olympus" is attacked on land and from the air and security is outmaneuvered. Can you say, "they didn't see it coming!"? 

Masked terrorist led by a vindictive man named, Kang (Rick Yune), take over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and kidnap the leader of the free world. I hear you saying, "Holy Ish!" And that sentiment would be right as you watch "Olympus," Zeus, and lesser gods fall under the brutal attack.

Ladies, lend me your eyes! Amongst all the bullets, smoke, and violence in this flick, is a cast of male eye candy that I haven't seen in a long while on screen. Gerard Butler, Cole Hauser, Aaron Eckhart, and Dylan McDermott! Ain't nothing but testerone popping in this movie. And in the memorable words of Teena Marie I say, "Oooh Wee!"

And Rick Yune, I swear is one the sexiest terrorist I've ever come across on screen. Of course, I wasn't supposed to be thinking that during the screening since he's the murderous villian. But if I ever see Yune out of character and on the street, I'm definitely saying, "Hello Mr. Yune!"

With the elected President and his closest staff tied up literally, the remaining White House officials and acting president, portrayed by Freeman, scramble to figure out how and what the hell to do. Their best weapon of defense is Manning.  He is hiding inside the White House unbeknownst to the terrorists and ready to redeem himself as a reliable agent. But those now in charge question if he can be trusted.

In "Die Hard" and every other high action flick fashion, Manning must become an army of one to save the president and the country from mass destruction.  Unfortunately, there's few surprises along the way, so that makes this film somewhat predictable.

That said, "Olympus Has Fallen" follows the typical formula of good versus evil and good must win, especially when it comes to saving the United States.  It's not of question of will Manning save the day, but how.

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