Thursday, May 23, 2013

I'm On Hiatus!

Hello blogsphere, online viewers, and friends! is officially on hiatus just like many in the showbiz industry here in LA.  So imagine me sans computer working on my tan in one of those chairs by the beach.  I'll still be tweeting and some Facebooking though. I just can't seem to leave social media alone.  Just ask!

Upon return, hopefully this blog will look, feel, and do better as I have some plans to change its focus a bit. I think it's past time to do something different in the entertainment blogging space--everybody's doing the same thing nowadays.

So see ya in a few blogsphere! Enjoy the summer! I may drop in occasionally if required, but the goal is  to go away and come back with some new ideas.  I'm open to suggestions too, so please comment below if you'd like to share and enjoy the archives.  There's plenty to read and see here!

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